The problem

How often have you wanted to help someone living on the street, but you thought that a direct gift of money was not the answer?

Giving small change directly just keeps a homeless person on the street. Giving money to OxPAT makes your small change count and can contribute to significant life change.

Oxford, with its dreaming spires, academic community, thriving business life and throngs of tourists, is also home to many people in need. A quarter of the city's population suffers significant financial hardship. Begging or sleeping on the streets are the obvious signs of poverty. Much more is hidden from view.

The OxPat Response

Set up in 1996 by concerned citizens, representatives from the City, University, police and churches, and run by volunteers, OxPAT has raised over £600,000 so far to alleviate visible and invisible poverty in Oxford. Every penny donated to OxPAT is distributed to organisations providing shelter, food, day centres, clothing, advice and medical care to people in need.