Privacy Policy

  1. We hold the following personal data:
    • Contact details (name, address and email address) of supporters and donors of OxPAT, including some people who have bought Christmas cards from us.
    • Contact details (name, address, email address and phone numbers) of employees of charities with whom we communicate about OxPAT grants and donations.
    • Contact details (name, address, email address and phone numbers) of trustees, committee members and patrons of OxPAT.
    • Correspondence with supporters of OxPAT such as Thank you letters we send when we receive donations.
    • Paper copies of Gift Aid donation forms which enable us to claim tax back from the Inland Revenue. We also keep an electronic index of the Gift Aid forms with records of name, date of signature of the form, and the physical location of the form.
    • Copies of standing order forms including Bank Account details when we receive standing orders from donors, the original of which is passed to the donor's bank.
    • Donors names in our accounting database with a record of amounts donated.
    • Application forms for grants for individuals either in paper or electronic (email) form. These forms include the reason for needing a grant and may contain an individual's name.
  2. We hold this data in order to:
    • communicate with donors, supporters and Christmas card customers either by email or physical letter. We send a very few (fewer than ten) emails per year to these people to report on OxPAT activities (via the Annual Report) or solicit orders for our Christmas cards.
    • communicate with people about the day to day business of the charity.
    • submit claims for repayment of Gift Aid.
    • maintain accounting records and report to the Charity Commission.
  3. Duration
    • We hold personal contact data for donors and supporters until the individual donor or supporter tells us they no longer wish to be considered donors or supporters, at which point we mark the donors record to indicate that they no longer wish to be contacted by us. Where recommended for accounting, governance or regulatory purposes, we keep contact data for donors (e.g. addresses on Gift Aid forms) for up to seven years following a donation or completion of a Gift Aid form.
    • We hold personal contact details for employees of the charities with whom we deal as long as those individuals are relevant contacts for the work we do.
    • We hold personal contact details for trustees, committee members and patrons as long as they continue to act in their role.
    • We hold copies of correspondence for seven years.
    • We hold copies of Gift Aid forms and the index to the forms for up to seven years after the date of the last donation for which the form applies, to comply with HMRC requirements.
    • We hold copies of standing order forms until the standing order has been processed by the bank.
    • We hold the name only of donors in our accounting system as a permanent record of the charity's income.
    • We hold application forms for grants for up to three years.
  4. Privacy

    We hold electronic data on personal computers, in email systems provided by gmail or other providers, and on the computers of our Internet Services Provider who provides our administrative database and our web site. All these systems are protected by passwords. We hold physical records in private premises which are accessible only via a key and are not accessible to the public.

  5. Access, corrections and deletions.

    We have set up an email address as a point of contact for anybody who wishes to:

    • request a copy of the personal data we hold about them
    • request us to make a change to our record of their personal data or delete it.
  6. In any matters relating to how we collect, store or use your data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commisioner's Office.